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I have a slight confession to make. I didn’t like Berlin the very first time I visited it.

Everyone raves about exactly how fantastic it is so going in I had high expectations. It was a “must-see” people said. however I don’t understand if it was the weather, the architecture, or the people however I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. While I had fun with people from the hostel, overall, I might do without Berlin.

When most people discover out about this, they are shocked. “How might you not like Berlin? It was so great,” they said.

“I dunno,” I reply. “It just didn’t do it for me.”

Not everybody is going to like the exact same place. There are many cities I don’t like. And, as anyone who has checked out my about me page knows, I didn’t enjoy my time in Vietnam.

We always hear about the “must see” destinations in the world — locations no sane person can miss. who would want to avoid Angkor Wat, Paris, the fantastic barrier Reef, the killing fields in Cambodia, or Auschwitz?

טוב אני.

I skipped the killing fields as well as every concentration camp in Europe.

I’m just not interested. Why see a lot of old buildings as well as fields where great deals of people were murdered? For me, I’d rather go into a museum as well as checked out the story since that is what is truly fascinating to me.

Yes, these locations have photos as well as indications however to me, it’s not something I’m interested in. And, as a history student, I already understand a great deal about these locations as well as seeing the death machines isn’t going to make me recognize “wow, this is bad!” since I understand that already!

Years back when I very first started traveling, I chastised a guy in Cambodia for skipping Angkor Wat.

“How might you miss it? You requirement to at least see it even if only for a day,” I said. But, looking back, I see that he didn’t requirement to go.

Travel isn’t about inspecting off some listing of world sites — it is about checking out the world, discovering about yourself as well as other cultures, as well as seeing what interests you.

Yes, we should all move out of our comfort zone, push ourselves, as well as try new things. I have tried sea snails in France (they are truly good) as well as tried to (slightly) get over my fear of heights.

But take me to a concentration camp as well as I’m just going to be bored.

Take me to a Holocaust museum as well as I’ll be there for hours.

Take my buddy to a museum as well as he will autumn asleep where I can hours exploring.

Take my buddy on a walking tour as well as he’ll complain. Take me to a sporting event as well as I’ll be counting down up until it’s over.

We all have different interests.

Pushing yourself to do new things is one thing, seeing things since somebody told you it is a “must-see” is another. There are no must-see destinations in the world, only things everybody believes are must-see. I’m still guilty of telling people to “see this or that”.

I like Paris as well as am shocked when people don’t. “You have to provide Paris a chance,” I say.

But, when I take a moment to think, I see that I’m just forcing my opinions on them like people who tell me I requirement to see the killing fields do to me.

And what is “must-see” anyways?

A location so incredible that everybody should go to, right?

But all of us understand no two people see the exact same thing the exact same method as well as travel destinations don’t getaway this rule of life. When I saw Stonehenge, I was disappointed. It was just a lot of stones to me. The close-by town of Salisbury impressed me more.

Must see is only what we believe it to be. people around the world are always guilty of telling people what is a must-see. We can’t expect everybody to like what we like.

Sure, there are fantastic locations to see in the world however I don’t believe there is anything that is a must see.

I make great deals of suggestions however those are just my opinions. Doesn’t mean it is right — it is just right for me.

Will somebody else enjoy Berlin or Vietnam?

Of program however I can just talk about my experience.

But the next time anyone tells you that you are crazy for missing some “must-see” destination or attraction, ask them if they would go to something they didn’t like. possibilities are they will state no. then you can just tell them:

“בְּדִיוּק! That’s the exact same reason why I’m not going to location (insert name).”

Because there is no such thing as must-see!

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