6 basic methods to prevent getting lost in a foreign country

What’s with guy as well as asking for directions? exactly how lots of times has this concern been raised by buddies traveling with me, I lost count. I can’t speak for all humanity but, in my case, just utter bashfulness as well as a dash of ego.

I utilized to believe that I was just not wired to ask for directions. When I was starting to go locations years ago, I was as well timid to technique strangers for anything as well as relied only on myself to discover my method around towns as well as cities — even if that indicated wandering around unfamiliar blocks as well as dodgy alleys for hours. I believed I was always prepared anyway. however that’s the thing about traveling, you can never be prepared enough.

And that can’t be any type of truer in lands ruled by a different language.

Where to go, where to go? perhaps Buddha has the answer.
I keep in mind exactly how I spent my very first few hours in Bangkok — getting lost. knowing that my hostel was just a few blocks from the train station, I traveled on foot, positive that I would discover it easily. I had been to other foreign cities before so I did not expect any type of problem. however there was one small hiccup, English isn’t that huge in the streets of Bangkok. nobody might assist me discover my hotel because, aside from the hotel being not well-known, we just might not comprehend one another.

Getting lost in translation is real. There’s fun as well as enlightenment in it, depend on me. however if you have no time for unplanned veers as well as “unnecessary” lostness, then right here are functional ideas on getting from point A to B efficiently.


1. get a multi-language map.
2. Ask a regional to compose it down for you.
3. download pictures of locations you want to visit.
4. Take pictures of whatever important.
5. discover regional greetings.
6. just ask.

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1. get a multi-language map.

Let’s begin with the obvious, the ever dependable map. (Cue: Dora the Explorer – I’m the map, I’m the map…) If the country you’re checking out has its own alphabet, much better get a map that labels locations in both letters. This way, if the regional you’re gonna ask (say a cabbie or a regional you’re asking for directions), they might quickly figure out where you mean to go.

Excuse me, sir, does this map have a Valyrian version? (Courtesy of GameofThrones.net)
2. Ask a regional to compose it down for you.

Such is the question of the humble pen. If you’re staying at a hotel or hostel, ask the receptionist to compose down the name of the location you want to go to in the regional characters. No requirement to play charades with the taxi motorist if they’re written in letters that they understand.

3. download pictures of locations you want to visit.

You can print them out or save on your phone. When I was in Taipei, everybody we asked might not point us to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial maybe since we were stating it wrong. We wrote down the name to no effect. Spellings as well as pronunciations vary as well as they may be called in a different way in the vernacular. however a sure method to show your destination is to whip out a picture of it. If it’s a major landmark, there’s a huge possibility locals will acknowledge it as well as point you to the ideal direction.

Hey cabbie, we’d like to go here. Winterfell. כאן. אתה יודע?

4. Take pictures of whatever important.

This way, I likewise have an additional copy of the info I want to keep. I normally enlist the assist of my DSLR or my globe iPhone5 for this. For example, the schedules of boats as well as the cost lists of trips as well as anything else I may need. In situation I lose the brochure, at least I have a soft copy in situation I think about it again.

In my trip to Hualien, Taiwan, I made a sidetrip in Taipei. My flight was arranged later that night so I didn’t book a hostel as well as opted with leaving my bags in a baggage locker at the train station. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of lockers scattered around the station as well as the very best method to paper as well as keep in mind which area, which aisle, as well as which certain locker I selected was to take pictures of the location as well as utilized them as my guide when I went back. Yes, I kept that receipt thingy with the locker number when I deposited my bags however I was terrified I would lose it while touring so I believed of taking a picture of it, too!

Taking a picture of my locker code coz I often do silly things like losing something as crucial as this.
Lockers at Taipei train station
Have you ever dined at a restaurant in a foreign city as well as you wished to try a meal you saw displayed outside however whatever in the menu is written in one more language? It always occurs to me. however I have learned to take pictures of the meal as well as then showing it to the waiter asובכן, אנו מבינים זה את זה ללא תקלות.

אני רוצה לקבל את זה, בבקשה.
5. גלה ברכות אזוריות.

יתכן שאתה שואל, מה זה צריך לסיים בניווט? ובכן, הרבה, כנראה. אתה מבין, המקומיים עושים הרבה יותר מאמץ לדבר את השפה שלך (ולעזור לך) אם הם רואים שאתה מנסה לדבר שלהם. המקומיים זוכים להערכה על ידי הדברים שהעריכו כי גם כאשר הם לא מדברים אנגלית, הם נוטים להיות הרבה יותר זמינים כדי להשאיל יד עוזרת. זה מראה אמונה רבה, ענווה, כמו גם פתיחות. אתה לא מרגיש הרבה יותר נאלץ לסייע לזרים שמתחילים את השיחה עם “קומוסטה?” או “מגנדאנג אראו” גם אם הם לא מציינים את זה נכון? זה לא פחות חמוד.

6. פשוט שאל.

רק בקש את ההוראות הנמצאות, בנאדם. במבט לאחור, הרבה מהזמן, L איבד לא מכיוון שמחסום השפה כשלעצמו, אולם העקשנות שלי בסירוב לבקש זרים כיוונים. הבנתי, המקומיים ידידותיים הרבה יותר כמו גם הרבה יותר מסבירי פנים ממה שאני מספק להם ציון אשראי. בתדירות גבוהה יותר מאשר לא, אין שום סיבה לפחד או להפחיד. הם מוכנים לסייע בכל אופן הדרישה לבקש זאת תחילה. הדרישה שלך לבצע את הצעד הראשון.

אולי האדם הזה מבין לאן אתה הולך? שאל!
מקומות, כמו אנשים, מאתגרים כמו גם הם נוטים לשינוי ללא הרף. אלא אם כן אתה נשאר מספיק זמן, לא תבין את זה ביסודיות כמו גם עמוק כמו המקומיים. כמו גם כשאתה מבקר, מיקומים מפציצים אותך בהפתעות כמו גם חוויות בלתי צפויות כמו גם לפני שאתה מבין את זה, אתה אבוד באמצע הכל, לא משנה כמה אתה מוכן בדיוק אתה. אבל, כמובן, זה לא מצביע על כך שאתה חייב להיות לא מוכן.

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