Bohol Bee Farm: A Bee-autiful dining Experience in Panglao Island

We weren’t there for the bees. We were there for the food.

When we stopped at Bohol Bee farm on the way to the resort, we knew that given our very busy itinerary, we only had enough time for lunch. At the back of our minds, however, we still hoped that we could join a bee tour while waiting for our orders to be served. Unfortunately, the latest tour had already started and the next one won’t start until a couple of hours later. We agreed to just drop the idea and enjoy the rest of what the place has to offer.

Bohol Bee farm is a privately owned resort and hotel but it is best known for two things — their restaurant and their organic farm. It was my third time in Bohol and I said to myself that I would not let it end without making a stop here for lunch. Perched on a cliff a kilometer from the main highway of Panglao Island, it is not very easy to find; a place that you need a conscious effort to get to. and those who make an effort are rewarded with a fantastic, healthy dining experience. The restaurant is hidden at the very end of the area, concealed by trees and their crawling branches. To get there, we had to walk across a lovely garden that sets the tone and the rustic atmosphere.

When we reached the restaurant, we were greeted by friendly staff, one of whom asked us to pick a table. We chose the one on the edge so we could have a terrific view of the beach. Unfortunately, the view was blocked by the overgrown trees, which was fine. (Of all things that could block a view, we’re definitely okay with trees.) There’s a staircase that leads to the beach at the base of the cliff but only hotel guests are allowed access to it.

השולחן שלנו!
The waitress handed us a menu, which gave us a difficult time because we couldn’t pick for they all sounded intriguing. At one point we considered the buffet but since there was 4 of us and 2 children, we figured we could just order what we want ala-carte and let everyone have a taste of each. and that’s what we did.

Right after making orders, we were given a plate of complimentary squash bread with mango and pesto spreads. I’m not a bread person but I fell in love with this bread! It was very tasty, almost sweet, that it actually did not need any spread. but the spreads themselves were really good. The bread was enough for lunch under normal circumstances for they were quite filling.

Complimentary squash loaf bread with mango and pesto spreads. Yep, free.
When the main dishes were served, we weren’t surprised that they came with rice and salad. The kids were shocked, however, that the rice was red and the salad covered with colorful flowers. The kids right away picked the flowers and asked, “Tito, are we supposed to eat this?” to which I replied, “I have no idea.”

Honey-glazed chicken meal, P220

No matter how hard we tried to brainwash them, we couldn’t get the kids to try the red organic rice because it’s pretty new to them. We didn’t want them to throw tantrums early on the trip so we ordered a plate of plain rice, which was served immediately. but not with another quirky twist. The rice was topped with camote bits to the delight of the kids. This time, the kids included myself.

The honey-glazed chicken and the grilled fish were both good. Not spectacular but good. The chicken was well-cooked and had a sweetness that lingered for a little while after swallowing. The fish was really tasty and smoky. I was expecting the slice of fish to be dry as in other restaurants I had tried in Bohol but this one was a bit tender and juicy. everyone loved the fish — even the kids. The crab in coconut sauce, however, was a letdown.

Crabs in coconut sauce. I forgot how much but it’s P350-ish.
Grilled fish, P220
The salad was outstanding with or without flowers, and the honey mustard that came with it was heavenly. The freshness of the leaves and the sweetness of the dressing created this weird, addictive combination that I had never had before. I loved, loved, loved it.

After a hearty meal, we decided to walk around the resort. My niece is vain at an early age and she wanted me to take a photo of her at every picturesque spot she could find at every angle imaginable. but when she got tired, she begged that I buy her a scoop of ice cream from the Buzzz booth by the entrance to the resort. The Buzzz Ice cream is also operated by Bohol Bee Farm. like the dishes they serve at the restaurant, the flavors of the ice cream were just as curious with malunggay, spicy ginger, and tomato the most offbeat. I tried malunggay, my niece avocado, and my not-so-adventurous nephew mango. another interesting bit, the cone the ice cream sits on is made from dried cassava.

Ice cream flavors available. try the weird ones!
Buzzz Ice Cream, P60 per scoop, P80 per double scoop
When it comes to taste, the food at Bohol Bee farm delivers. but its taste is not what actually makes this place worth trying — it’s the overallחוויית האוכל של הטעם הוא רק חלק. המצגת מסקרנת, האוכל בריא, האווירה נעימה והשירות העליון. זה היה טוב בהרבה אילו היינו מצטרפים לסיור דבורים, אבל אפילו בלעדיו, זה סוג האוכל בחוץ שילדים ומבוגרים כאחד בוודאי יהנו ויזכרו הרבה זמן.

איך להגיע לחוות Bohol Bee: אם אתה בסיור ארוז או נשאר באתר נופש באי פנגלאו, אתה יכול פשוט לבקש מהנהג שלך לעצור בחוות Bohol Bee לארוחת הצהריים בדרך. אם לא, אתה יכול לקחת תלת אופן או חבל-האבל משדה התעופה אבל גם לא ניסיתי. שאלתי מסביב וגיליתי שהעלות היא P200 הלוך ושוב. אתה יכול גם לבקש מחוות Bohol Bee לאסוף אותך בחינם בשדה התעופה. פרטי קשר למטה.

חוות Bohol Bee
גב ‘ויקי וואלאס
שעות פתיחה: 6 בבוקר -12MN

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