2022 ENCHANTED KINGDOM travel guide + discounted Tickets, new Rides, Hours!

After months of hiatus because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Enchanted Kingdom, one of the most prominent attractions near Manila, has resumed operations. assumption who got the most excited: us! There’s a hole in our hearts that only style parks can fill. We were so thrilled that we already sashayed our method to Sta. Rosa, Laguna, to lastly have a taste of nostalgic magic!

But since the health and wellness danger has not yet passed, new security guidelines stay in place, in compliance with the policies supplied by the Inter-Agency task force on emerging contagious Diseases.

If you’re planning a see to EK in the coming months, right here are some things you must understand in buy to keep your experience risk-free as well as magical.

מה מכוסה במדריך זה?

What are the operating hours?
כמה זה לכרטיס?
Where to purchase tickets?
Who are enabled to see the park?
Do I have to be vaccinated to go into the park?
What are the demands when checking out Enchanted Kingdom?
How to get thereBy shuttle Service
By Public Transportation
By personal Car

Is it crowded? exactly how long are the queues?
Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat rides are open?
What are the gated attractions?
How can I maximize my time in the park?
Where to eat inside Enchanted Kingdom?
Am I enabled to bring my own food inside the park?
Are there ATMs at Enchanted Kingdom?
Are there lockers inside Enchanted Kingdom?
Are family pets enabled inside Enchanted Kingdom?
Are EK gift shops open?
Are cashless payments offered for skill Games?
Will there be fireworks display?

Other Enchanted Kingdom Tips
How to get in touch with Enchanted Kingdom
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What are the operating hours?

March 14 – June 27, 2022
OPEN: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
CLOSED: Monday – Thursday

Note: operating hours may modification without prior notice, so please inspect for updates as well as the current announcements before going.

כמה זה לכרטיס?

Here are the entrance fees:

Regular Day Pass: P999
Senior Citizen/PWD: P688
Junior Day Pass (Kids 3ft-4ft): P688
Junior PWD: P488
Children below 3ft: FREE

The least expensive routine tickets we discovered are used by Klook, at only P888 per guest. Klook likewise has its own booth by the entrance, which enables Klook-ticket-holders to avoid the long, long line.

✅ get discounted TICKETS HERE!

Enchanted Kingdom likewise runs a couple of discounts for choose sectors. For example, we scored tickets for only P800 from a discount special for vaccinated guests.

Where to purchase tickets?

Walk-in (Makati Sales office as well as EK Front Gates) is still allowed. However, only a restricted number of walk-in guests will be accepted each day so you are strongly motivated to book a ticket in advance.

You can get a discounted ticket on Klook!

✅ get discounted TICKETS HERE!

You may likewise book on their official website.

Make sure to inspect the validity as well as rebooking policies very first before booking your ticket on the internet since the opening routine may modification without prior notice as well as you may be asked to rebook your ticket to one more date.

Note: guests WITHOUT prior booking or walk-ins shall be enabled entry on a first-come, first-served basis, as well as if the park capability still allows.

Enchanted Kingdom still accepts money transactions, however during these amazing times, cashless transactions such as credit score cards, debit cards, as well as GCash are preferred.

Who are enabled to see the park?

Guests of ALL AGES, vaccinated as well as unvaccinated, are enabled to go into Enchanted Kingdom.

However, take note of the following:

Temperature checks are conducted upon entry. If your body temperature is 37.6C or above, you will be asked to rest at the designated holding area. After 5-10 minutes, your temperature will be inspected again, if it did not go below the needed body temperature, the administration reserves the ideal to decline entry to you as well as your companions. If your ticket was booked on the internet prior to your visit, you can inspect the park’s rebooking guidelines.

Guests must not have symptoms associated to Covid-19. If you have sore throat, headache, body/muscle pain, diarrhea, dry cough, loss of smell/taste, and/or shortness of breath, the administration reserves the ideal to decline entry. guests with symptoms will be encouraged to promptly seek proper medical attention. You can inspect the rebooking policies if you gotten your ticket online.

Do I have to be vaccinated to go into the park?

No. Individuals, vaccinated or unvaccinated, are enabled to go into the park.

However, for indoor dining establishments, the vaccination ID need to be provided before entering.

That said, the administration encourages guests to be completely vaccinated at the time of visit. Vaccinated guests may score discount discounts, too!

What are the demands when checking out Enchanted Kingdom?

Face masks are needed to go into the park. You need to wear it in any way times, except when dining. This is in compliance with the present IATF guidelines.

Proof of vaccination or vaccination card is needed when entering indoor dining establishments.

Enchanted Kingdom likewise advises its guests to bring their own personal security kits with alcohol-based sanitizers, tissues, deal with towels, as well as wet wipes.

איך להגיע לשם

By shuttle Service

You may avail of the wonderful Shuttle. Rides are commonly bundled with entrance tickets however occasionally, you can book bus transfers only.

To book, click the link below as well as select EKSPRESS shuttle bundle or EK BUS trip only (ROUNDTRIP TRANSFERS) in the options:

✅ RESERVE shuttle TICKET OR bundle HERE!

By Public Transportation

Make your method to Buendia, near LRT Gil Puyat Station, where you can discover terminals.

Ride a bus to Balibago. Fare: P60.

At Waltermart, trip a tricycle to Enchanted Kingdom.

By personal Car

Take Santa Rosa exit on South Luzon Expressway.

From the toll, turn left as well as continue driving up until you reach the intersection near Waltermart.

At the intersection, turn ideal as well as continue driving up until you see Enchanted Kingdom on the ideal side.

Upon parking, you’ll be handed a stub by a personnel member. before leaving the park, clear up the auto parking fee, which costs P50.

Is it crowded? exactly how long are the queues?

On our last visit, it seemed like things are getting back to normal. however note that we checked out on a Saturday, which is expectedly popular.

If you booked online, whether by means of Klook or their website, the line was short. We only waited for a few minutes as well as we were in. however for those who didn’t pre-book tickets, the queue was much longer. It’s truly suggested to get tickets online.

Queue for those who don’t have tickets yet.
We shown up past lunch, however we were only able to try five rides. right here are our waiting times, based on experience:

Twin Spin: 8 minutes

Flying Fiesta: 10 minutes

Jungle Log Jam: 40 minutes

EKstreme: 1 hour 10 minutes

Space Shuttle: 1 hour 30 minutes

Note that the short waiting time for twin spin may be associated to it being a new attraction in an out-of-the-way corner of the park. We were shocked that the queue was incredibly short, too! however it was by far our fave trip now. however lines may ended up being longer in the coming days as a lot more people find it.

If the maximum capability is reached, the park will halt from accommodating extra walk-in guests up until the capability enables additionally entry. This is why pre-booking, on the internet reservation, or advanced ticket purchase is extremely encouraged.

Floor markers are present as guides to make sure appropriate physical distancing while in the queue areas.

There may likewise be some waiting time between trip as well as attraction cycles for the high touch/traffic surfaces to be disinfected as well as sanitized.

Frequently Asked Questions

What rides are open?

The majority of the rides as well as attractions are available. When we visited, the complying with crowd favorites are open:

מעבורת חלל

EKstreme Tower Ride

Jungle log jam

Twin Spin

Anchors Away

Grand Carousel


Wheel of fate (Ferris wheel)

Dodgem (bump cards)

Flying Fiesta

Bouncing Boulder

Agila the EKsperience

What are the gated attractions?

Gated attractions are activities or rides that have separate admission fees, indicating they are not included in the routine day pass unrestricted trip perks. If you desire to experience them, you have to pay extra. אלו הם:

Laser Mission

Fun Kart


7D Interactive movement Theater

XPP Paintball

Ghostbusters experience Live

How can I maximize my time in the park?

Well, long queues are expected at prominent style parks like Enchanted Kingdom, as well as height season will truly test your patience as a excellent number of visitors flock to the park. Not only will you spend time waiting in line for the rides however likewise for food as well as utilizing the toilet.

It is finest to select to go during lean season or, if open, weekdays. however if you can’t assist checking out during the holidays as well as height season, you may want to think about these:

Plan your see well. listing the rides that you don’t want to miss as well as rank them. Prioritize the prominent ones.

Go to the park early, so you will have a lot more time. Moreover, you can go with your listing as well as begin ticking off your concern rides while it’s still early as well as there’s not as well much crowd yet.

Have your meals elsewhere. have them before or after your see so you won’t squander time falling in line for appropriate meals. just have snacks inside the park. If you can’t assist it, then have lunch or dinner outside the height dining hours.

Note: These are just suggeסוגים. אתה יכול לבחור לציית או לא לציית לאלה.

איפה לאכול בתוך הממלכה הקסומה?

בפארק יש מספר זיכיים במזון בפארק – מסעדות כמו גם דוכני אוכל/עגלות. העלויות מסומנות כמצופות גבוהות מהרגיל. כאן נמצאים מיקומי האוכל בתוך הפארק:

בית משפט לאוכל קסום

אמזון גריל

מכון הפיצה של שייקי

Karate Youngster יפני Fastfood

פינוקים חופרים (עוף מטוגן, בורגר, בוריטו)

האפ צ’אן

בבית המשפט למזון, התכונן לבלות זמן רב בהמתנה בתור להזמנה, לתביעת הביטוח שלך, כמו גם לגלות שולחן פנוי, במיוחד בזמן ארוחת הצהריים. שרפנו יותר משעה רק לארוחת הצהריים.

עגלות אוכל כמו גם דוכנים ברחבי הפארק כוללות מלכת חלב, וופלים בלגיים פופולריים, נקניקיות עסיסיות של Purefoods, פינת תפוחי אדמה, כמו גם מספר שייק פירות, מיץ בוקו, פופקורן, כמו גם דוכני טאקויאקי.

האם אני מאפשר להכניס אוכל משלי לפארק?

אוכל כמו גם משקאות מבחוץ אינם מורשים בתוך הפארק למעט מצבים מיוחדים כמו מזון תינוקות וכן אוכל פורמולה, דרישות תזונה מיוחדות או תוכנית דיאטה למטרות רפואיות.

אתה יכול לאכול בחוץ, עם זאת, הקפד לקבל חותמת לפני שאתה יוצא, כך שתוכל עדיין להיכנס לפארק.

האם יש כספומטים בממלכה קסומה?

כן! יש כספומטים בצד שמאל של שער הכניסה, ליד השירותים. הנה המכונות הקיימות: BPI, RCBC, UCPB, כמו גם בנק בטיחות.

האם יש ארונות בתוך הממלכה הקסומה?

כן, יש ארונות בתוך הממלכה הקסומה.

אם התיק שלך מאט אותך כמו גם מרסן אותך, ארונות מוצעים באזור פארק ויקטוריה. אתה יכול לשטח במהירות את האזור בצד האידיאלי עם הכניסה לפארק. השיעור משתנה בהתאם לגודל:

ארונית רגילה: P150

ארון ג’מבו: P350

האם חיות מחמד משפחתיות מופעלות בתוך ממלכה קסומה?

לא. מותר רק לראות כלבי עיניים או כלבי מדריך.

האם חנויות מתנות של EK פתוחות?

כן, כמה מהחנויות פתוחות. האורחים יכולים לקנות בבטחה מתנות EK כמו גם למזכרות שכן בחנויות יש חסמים מגנים. כל המוצר גם מחוטא על בסיס קבוע תוך שימוש בחומרי ניקוי אדים כבדים.

האם תשלומים חסרי מזומנים מוצעים למשחקי מיומנות?

כן, עסקאות חסרות מזומנים במשחקי מיומנות מוצעות עם GCASH. ישנם קופאיות משוטטות שיספקו קודי QR של GCASH לסריקה. דת המשחקים יונפקו לאורחים לאחר פירעון כמו גם יימסרו לפני השימוש בתאי המשחק.

האם תוצג זיקוקים?

לא. לא יהיה מסך זיקוקים בפארק עד לשים לב בנוסף.

טיפים ממלכות קסומים אחרים

ללבוש הנעלה נוחה. אתה תעשה הרבה עמידה, הליכה, כמו גם לחכות בתור.

הביאו בגדים נוספים. טרמפים כמו ריו גרנדה ראפידס כמו גם Jungle Log Jam יטפטפו אתכם. זה גם פשוט להזיע כשמדברים מתחת לשמש. זה תמיד הטוב ביותר להביא שינוי של בגדים.

הביאו הגנה על שמש.

הביאו מוצרי טיפוח משלכם כמו גם רפואה.

יש סוללה נוספת עבור המצלמה שלך או תביא את בנק החשמל שלך. אתה לא רוצה לפספס את ההזדמנות לצלם את הרגעים המענגים האלה.

איך ליצור קשר עם הממלכה הקסומה

כתובות דואר אלקטרוני: mgrd@enchantedkingdom.ph (שאילתות כלליות) או keyaccounts@enchantedkingdom.ph (הזמנות ארגוניות), reservations@enchantedkingdom.ph

מספר טלפון: (+632) 8584-3535 אזורי 31 או 35 (משרד מכירות מקאטי), אזורי 431 או 105 (משרד מכירות לגונה); (+632) 8584-3535 אזורי 1900/1901 (יחסי אורח קסומים)

מספר נייד: +63 998 849 4357 | +63 908 8840627

אתר רשמי: www.enchantedkingdom.ph

חשבונות מדיה חברתית: פייסבוק, טוויטר, כמו גם אינסטגרם

עודכן אחרון: 2022 • 03 • 10

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