The Exquisite design as well as Irresistible Cuisines of Morocco

The North African country of Morocco is understood for its interesting blend of cultures, languages as well as cuisines. The people of this ancient land are predominantly Arab as well as native Berber, however, African as well as European influences can likewise be discovered here. Arabic as well as Berber dialects are the official languages of Morocco, however, this country was when occupied by Spain as well as France, whose languages are still spoken right here today.

This mix of people as well as cultures has not only produced some amazing architecture, however some outstanding cuisine as well. A see to Morocco wouldn’t be total without seeing the ancient, crumbling sites, raw nature, amazing mosques as well as of course, divulging in the scrumptious sweets as well as culinary delights.

Top Sights

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca

This mosque is the largest in Africa as well as the 7th largest in the world. Accommodating an astonishing 105,000 people at a time, as well as with the world’s tallest minaret, this really is an outstanding accomplishment of engineering! The Hassan II Mosque sits on a rocky outcrop with lovely views of the Atlantic Ocean, a part of the structure actually hangs off of the edge. The designer was fantastic when making a glass floor on this section of the building, providing worshippers amazing views of the sea below.

The spectacular Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca
The Blue City of Chefchaouen

This may not be a specific sight, however the whole city is amazing! virtually every building is painted blue as well as the temperature right here is blissfully cool. Make sure to stroll with the welcoming medina as well as see the cobblestone Plaza Uta el-Hammam, a excellent location to people watch with a cup of fresh mint tea or a piping hot latte.

The blue city of Chefchaouen
Fortress Walls & UNESCO Medina, Essaouira

This 18th century walled city is set in a spectacular place on the Atlantic Ocean. Hike as much as the crumbling fort towers as well as look past the cannons for amazing views over the harbor. The medina right here is a UNESCO site as well as aside from the speeding motorbikes, it’s a beautiful place to slowly saunter around.

Views over the Atlantic Ocean
Ancient Medina & Tannery, Fes

The medina (market) right here is a labyrinth of crumbling walls as well as narrow alleyways. Not much has altered over the centuries as well as if you’re take on sufficient to explore, you’re in for a genuine treat. stroll past carpet salesmen, flavor stores as well as vendors selling whatever from dates to fish to copper urns.

Follow your nose to the tannery where various stone containers are full of dyes as well as other smelling liquids! The tannery right here processes the skins of goats as well as cows to create the leather products you’ll see to buy around this city. If you can stand the smell, it’s a extremely fascinating process to witness. It’s inevitable that you’ll get lost in this medieval maze, however that’s all part of the fun. just pay a young youngster to show you the method out as well as he’ll be much more than pleased to help.

Hard working guy at the tannery in Fes

Moroccan Food


Named after the clay pot in which it’s cooked in, this is our preferred Moroccan dish! This slow-cooked, savoury stew is seasoned to perfection with ginger, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon as well as saffron. Lamb, beef, poultry or fish are the common proteins, each being integrated with different vegetables or dried fruits. Our preferred was the poultry tajine, which was served in a steaming hot clay pot with potatoes, carrots, peas as well as olives. שְׁלֵמוּת!

A poultry tajine

This Moroccan meal is extremely filling as well as delicious. Couscous is integrated with your option of meat as well as seven or so other cooked vegetables. This large mound will show up at your table with a side of poultry stock/juice to drizzle over the entire dish, making all of the components good as well as moist. Typically, olives as well as bread will go along with this meal.

The couscous meals in Morocco are massive!


This conventional Berber soup is made with tomatoes as well as lentils, as well as is fantastically seasoned with cinnamon, ginger, pepper, parsley as well as cilantro. Recipes vary from household to family, with some people preferring to add rice, chickpeas or damaged vermicelli noodles to the soup.

דִברֵי מְתִיקָה

Moroccans like their sweets as well as you will too! You won’t be able to roam extremely far without being enticed into one of the numerous wonderful shops lining the streets. The cakes as well as treats arE על המסך בחלונות, מה שהופך אותם למאתגרים להתנגד! מבקלבה ועד ביסקוויטים ועד מקרונים כמו גם עוגות, יש משהו שספק כל שן נפלאה.

הקינוחים במרוקו אינם ניתנים לעמוד בפניו

נסיעה מכל מקום באירופה למרוקו היא פשוטה כמו גם זולה. אם אתה טס מאנגליה, אתה יכול לגלות טיסות חסכוניות במיוחד בחברות תעופה כמו Jet Jet או Ryan Air, שתיים מחברות התעופה המובילות בתוכנית התקציב שאי פעם נתקלנו בהן. ניתן לגלות טיסות מלונדון, גטוויק למארקש בסביבות 70 ג’יגה -בייט לכל כיוון. טיסות עוזבות גם משדה התעופה של לונדון סטנסטד.

אם תבחר להסיע את עצמך לשדה התעופה, אתה יכול להחנות את המכוניות והמשאית שלך באמצעות טירונות. אם אתה חניה אוטומטית בשדה התעופה של גטוויק לחץ כאן, לעסק זה יש תעריפים מצוינים לשהות ארוכות טווח, אפשרויות פארק וטיול, ואם תזמין באינטרנט אתה יכול לחסוך עד 60%.

אם אתה נוסע למרוקו מספרד, יש לך אפשרות לבחירה בטיסה, או שאתה יכול לקחת סירה על פני מיצר גיברלטר! עלינו על מעבורת ה- FRS באלג’יראס, ספרד כמו גם ירידה בטנג’יר, מרוקו.

מחשבות סופיות

בילינו 3 שבועות בארץ נפלאה זו כמו גם למרות שהיו לנו כמה בעיות עם האנשים האזוריים, עדיין גילינו שזו מדינה מקסימה מלאה בארכיטקטורה מרתקת, נוף מרהיב, טעמים מדהימים כמו גם ריחות מעודנים. בין אם אתם עוסקים בצילום, היסטוריה או אוכל, טיול במדינה צפון אפריקה זו צריך להיות ברשימת הדלי שלכם.

האם אי פעם ביקרת במרוקו? מה האמנת על העיצוב כמו גם האוכל? הראה לנו!

כמו הפוסט הזה? להצמיד אותו!

הצהרת אחריות: עזים בכביש הן שותף באמזון כמו גם סניף עבור כמה קמעונאים אחרים. פירוש הדבר שאנו מבצעים עמלות אם תלחץ על קישורים בבלוג שלנו וכן לרכוש מאותם קמעונאים.

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